1 It conserves fossil fuel: average fossil energy input for all the animal protein production systems is more than 11 times greater than that for grain protein production.

    2 It Conserves water: Grain-fed beef production takes 100,000 liters of water for every kilogram produced. For broiler chickens it’s 3,500 liters. Soybean production uses 2,000 liters for kilogram of food produced; rice, 1,912; wheat, 900; and potatoes, 500 liters.

    3 It Reduces erosion. 90% of US cropland is losing soil to erosion at 13 times the sustainable rate.

    4  Efficient use of grain - For every 1 kg of high-quality animal protein produced, livestock are fed about 6 kg of plant protein.

    5 It Saves forests The greatest cause of rainforest destruction is livestock grazing. 

    6 It Avoids pollution.  Livestock produce a great deal of waste, much of which ends up in waterways. 

A new UN report says a vegan diet is vital to saving fossil fuels and helping the environment.  Click.


                Eating meat shortens your life.  Click.

                All nutrition is available from plant sources.  Click.

                Plants do not contain significant cholesterol.  There are fewer fats in plant foods, and they are the “good” fats.  Click.

                Animal flesh is much higher in chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.  Click.

                Livestock are fed drugs which then appear in meat.  Even vegetables grown in manure from these animals can absorb drugs from the fertilizer.  Click.

                Meat and dairy products are more likely to contain harmful viruses and bacteria than plant based foods.  Click.

                Plant foods don't spoil as fast as meat products.  Click.

                A plant based diet reduces the risk of many diseases such as: heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, kidney and gallstones, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, gum disease, acne, obesity, intestinal toxemia (meat putrefies in the colon).  Click.

                There is more fibre in the diet.  Click.

                Flavour – the flavor of vegan food comes from the goodness of the food, rather than waste products of animals.  (Much of the flavor in flesh food comes from the urine and blood in it—when the blood is removed, the meat is fairly tasteless.) 

                Protein balance.  The typical western diet contains up to 4 times the recommended protein allowance.  The excess nitrogen in the diet creates many long-term health problems. Click.

                Longevity.  The longest living populations usually have a minimum of animal products in their diets, or are completely plant based.  Click.

                It is a natural diet: Our body has characteristics of herbivores.  Click.

                Well-being.  I feel great on a plant based diet and have more energy.  In three years I haven’t had so much as a cold.


                Love of animals and respect for their lives.  A meat eater may enjoy a dish without meat.  He may prefer something with meat in it, but is the little bit of extra enjoyment worth the life of an animal?  It seems to me excessively selfish to insist on killing animals while we have an abundance of tasty plant foods available.

                Protest against factory farming.

                Vegan diet promotes non-violence.

                There are easy substitutes for all meat products, no excuse for killing.

                Intensive animal husbandry affects wildlife as well, by reducing habitats and causing extinctions.

                “These animals were raised for us to kill and eat.  That is their only purpose.”  Well, in that case, it should also be ethical to raise babies from unwanted frozen embryos, to use for organ transplants.  After all, “that is what they were raised for”.  That argument, obviously, is foolish.

                Eggs and dairy products also involve suffering and death of animals, even in the best of farms.  Click.


                Vegans pay less for food.

                They also spend less on health care.

Many famous people have been vegans. Click

"As custodians of the planet it is our responsibility to deal with all species with kindness, love and compassion. What these animals suffer through human cruelty is beyond understanding. Please help to stop this madness."  -Richard Gere

"Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace. It is man's sympathy with all creatures that first makes him truly a man."  -George Bernard Shaw

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